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We are a group of motivated individuals whose professional goal is to solve software development challenges. No problem is too big or too small.  And definitely no problems are too tough.

We take on projects with distinct technological requirements to which no single across the board technology can be applied effectively. Our aim is to find and tailor the best solutions to problems based on our clients' short and long term goals and needs. 

We have worked with a multitude of industries as well as research institutions. We are well versed in the major leading edge technologies. Given our diverse backgrounds and experience, we can come up with the best fit for any type of client. We enjoy tackling difficult problems and therefore excel at helping our customers.


Funiosoft Software Services

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We can provide the lead or any assistance needed with any aspect of software development. We pride ourselves on creating reliable schedules, meeting target deadlines, and achieving client satisfaction in the final deliverables.

We can take on new projects and see them through from start to finish. We can expand on and improve existing projects.  We can rescue projects that are in trouble and provide a roadmap and technical know-how to getting them done. We value our reputation and follow through on our promises

We assist our customers with the whole project or any part of it, such requirements gathering, human computer interaction evaluation, quality assurance, technical writing, optimization, etc. Any area can benefit from our vast expertise. We can work with our clients on-site, do the job at our own offices, or travel to remote customer locations if necessary.

Funiosoft Expertise

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Our expertise encompasses all aspects of software development, from requirements gathering, through design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. Depending on the project needs, we can provide the necessary internal and end-user documentation as well as localization services.

We have extensive human computer interaction education and experience ensuring that no impaired software user is left behind. We strive to provide user-friendly and intuitive designs and solutions.

Besides our commercial work, we are involved in the academia, making sure to be familiar with the latest technologies, while allowing us to prepare students with regard to what to expect in the "real world". It also allows us to scout out future stars in the field of software engineering.

With decades of software engineering experience, our mastery of the tools is as diverse as our backgrounds.

The development environments from our recent and current projects include:

    Development platforms: .Net, Java...
    Web servers: IIS, Tomcat...
    Databases: Microsoft Sql Server, MySQL, Oracle...
    Languages: C#, Java, Visual Basic, C++, Perl, C...
    User Interface: MS Windows, Swing, SWT, Infragistics...
    Tools: Fusion Charts, Eclipse RCP, Rad Controls, Acegi Security

Depending on the project needs, we utilize the technologies that we deem fit best. Whenever possible, we give our clients multiple options ranging from high-end commercial to open-source solutions.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Simulation Research

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We are involved in brain injury simulation research with the goal being to allow faster and more accurate assessment of the extent of potential brain injuries due to rapid acceleration and deceleration of a head caused by accidents.

Our research is concentrated on deriving analytical models describing the physical events occurring in the brain during a rapid acceleration or deceleration. We then perform numerical simulations to illustrate the analytical solutions.

A more detailed TBI Research website is currently under construction.

Based on the data obtained from the numerical simulations, we have created mpeg animations to visually illustrate the results. 

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